Happy New Year!

I know I know… I’m sorry.

I had a quite good outline in my head for the first post of this year but I realised that I just can’t write it down in one post. I wanted to say so many things.

The principal of our dorm sent us a booklet as a help to get prepared for the new year. It’s called YearCompass and I think it’s a brilliant idea, it has everything I wanted to think and write about.  I love it so much. You can find it here: http://yearcompass.com/gb/

Usually I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, but I would like to change and improve. So I have plans and goals. Now I’ll share only four.

The first is that I am going to do different challenges every month. The idea came from this article: http://embracingsimpleblog.com/fifteen-30-day-challenge-ideas-will-change-life/ , check out if you’re interested. The challenge for January is that I deleted Instagram from my phone. I did the 365 days challenge last year so now I want to recover from that. It’s so weird that I don’t have to and I can’t share my photos. My mind constantly tries to remind me that I should take a photo when I see something. Now I’m changing that mindset.

At the same time I want to take this blog more seriously, but we’ll see how it goes… I didn’t have enough time yet to figure out how things work on this website. I’m sorry that I don’t share more pictures but I don’t like to ‘steal’ it from others so I use only my photos but it’s complicated to upload them from my phone to the laptop…

The third goal is that I would like to finish the outline of my book and progress in writing it. I have to ignore my insecurities and start writing because the only person who can do it is me so it’s completely up to me.

Lastly I would like to work on myself. I am very quick tempered, grumpy and I’m quick to notice the flaws of others and let myself to be annoyed instead of just letting it go and accept them. So I would like to be more kind, moderate and gentle. For the sake of everyone around me…

I hope I will have enough energy to write more this week.

I wish a happy and blessed new year to everyone.


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